Thursday, 1 November 2012

Super Shuttle Discount Codes

SuperShuttle offers many shuttle discounts to travelers via a Super Shuttle Discount Code. Save up to 15% off your shuttle fare going to and from the airport. Super Shuttle coupons are only valid for reservations made online.

Best Super Shuttle Discount Codes

Super Shuttle Discount Codes consist of 5 letters and numbers and are not case sensitive. Simply, enter the Group/Discount Code into the "Book a Ride" reservation form which is located on the company's home page.
Code One-Way Discount Roundtrip Discount
D2FSK 10% total fare (Visa Card) 10% total fare (Visa Card)
LE74Z 10% 1st fare (Visa Card) 10% 1st fare (Visa Card)
QWEST 10% off total fare 15% off total fare
FBOOK 10% off total fare 10% off total fare
SWVAN 10% off 1st rider 10% off 1st rider
SDVAN 8% off total fare 8% off total fare
LG8FU 5% off total fare 10% off total fare
X5LSE 5% off total fare 5% off total fare
YUS68 $3 off 1st person $6 off 1st person
UFCJB $2 off per person $4 off per person
LM8U7 $2 off per group $4 off per group
Coupons of 20% off or more are generally not offered!

SuperShuttle is offering $5.00 shuttle rides to and from 39 U.S. Airports thru August 31, 2012 as part of the Summer Lifts Family Fare Sale program. The 1st rider is required to pay the full shuttle fare and all other riders pay $5.00 each. Promotion is only valid for residential or home transfers. Enter SuperShuttle Discount Code "RIDES".

SuperShuttle operates at many U.S. Airports and the quality of service may vary by location? Before you book your next shuttle reservation you should refer to our Super Shuttle reviews page and browse feedback from other airport travelers.

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